Pune Real Estate

Pune is a developed and high-tech city, due to which the real estate sector of Pune is growing very rapidly. The city has witnessed substantial infrastructure development in tandem with the growth of its real estate sector. This progress has been driven by a combination of factors, including economic expansion, and the city's emergence as an IT and educational hub. The city seamlessly blends its rich cultural history with modern infrastructure, offering a variety of residential and commercial projects for its residents. Real estate in Pune is moving towards holistic living and modern workplaces with the rise of reputed developers and sustainable development.

The city seamlessly blends its rich cultural history with modern infrastructure, offering a variety of residential and commercial projects for its residents. Real estate in Pune is moving towards holistic living and modern workplaces with the rise of reputed developers and sustainable development. The city has a well-developed road network, and ongoing projects like the Pune Metro have aimed to improve intra-city connectivity. The expansion of the Pune International Airport has also boosted accessibility.

Builders in Pune and Impact in Pune Real Estate

Pune has a vibrant real estate sector with numerous builders contributing to the city's growth and development. These builders play a crucial role in shaping the real estate landscape and influencing various aspects of the Pune market.

Prominent Builders in Pune

Panchshil Realty: Known for upscale residential and commercial developments.

Kolte Patil Developers: Engaged in residential, commercial, and retail projects. Notable developments include Life Republic and Ivy Estate.

Vascon Engineers: Has a diversified portfolio including residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Known for projects like Forest County and Vascon Windermere.

Godrej Properties: A national real estate player with a significant presence in Pune. Notable projects include Godrej Infinity and Godrej Elements.

Marvel Realtors: Focuses on luxury residential projects. Projects like Marvel Fria and Marvel Piazza are well-regarded.

Kumar Properties: A prominent real estate developer with a long-standing presence in Pune. Known for projects like Kumar Palmgrove and Kumar Picasso.

Goel Ganga Group: Has a diverse portfolio including residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Known for developments like Ganga Bhagyoday and Ganga Glitz.

Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate: The Shapoorji Pallonji Group is a conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, India. It was founded in 1865 by Shapoorji Pallonji Mistry and has since grown into one of India's oldest and most prominent business houses. The group's activities span various sectors, including construction, real estate, infrastructure, textiles, and more.

Kohinoor Group: The Kohinoor Group is a real estate development and construction company based in India. Established in 1983, the group has been actively involved in residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects.

Pune upcoming projects

Finding a suitable residential property is one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish. This is because you need to take care of the cost, residential area, and a lot more points before you invest in the property. To ease the daunting task, we are here to help you find Pune’s best new residential projects.

  1. VJ Eternity: Known as one of the finest towers located in West Pune, Yashone Eternity Hinjewadi is an under-construction project by Vilas Javdekar Developers which will be among the top residential projects in Pune upon its completion. If you are looking out for a good project in Pune which is located at the heart of Hinjewadi then this might be perfect. It offers you a 1,2,3 BHK property with amenities such as a common gymnasium, and enough space for every family member to live in. This property is aesthetically pleasing and an amazing investment in one of the best townships in Pune 2023.

  • Location: Hinjewadi, Pune
  • Unit Configurations - 1,2,3 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 478 sq.ft. – 918 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. Amorapolis: This is one of the most upscale projects constructed by the Krishna and Nirma Group. Built with the innovations of the latest housing technologies and advancements, this is perfect if you are looking to shift with your family. It has spacious apartments, a huge playground, and a common gymnasium for every wing. To feel and be a part of the elites and their journey, this pre-launch project in Pune will give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • Location: Dhanori, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 2,3 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 704 sq.ft. – 1021 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. VTP Bellissimo: This is one of the most reputable and best properties in Pune which is constructed by a leading property developer. Located on the premises of the Mahalunge-Hinjewadi area, Bellissimo serves an amazing view and lives right up to its name. In today’s modern world, it’s hard to get in touch with greenery and mostly with nature. But this upcoming project in Pune is a perfect opportunity for those who are looking forward to co-live in the ecosystem. Built based on a customer-centric plan, this new launch project in Pune has one of the most advantageous features of reachability that makes it so desirable.

  • Location: Hinjewadi, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 1, 2, 3 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 469 sq.ft. – 1227 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. Codename Hinjewadi: This is a one of the best-looking and spacious residential apartment’s project located in Hinjewadi, this property is being built by reputed developers in Pune. Being ideal for you and your family, it’s easy on the price and comes in spacious sizes to live luxuriously. Encircled in a fully equipped gated community, its prime location is reachable with recreation facilities just around the corner.

  • Location: Hinjewadi, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 1, 2, 3 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 508 sq.ft. – 973 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. Kohinoor Kaleido: As the name suggests, Kohinoor Kaleido has one of the most ecstatic views for a premise. You don’t have to compromise your extravagant lifestyle anymore because these best projects in Pune have offers that are extremely cheap here. Now you can wake up with the early sunshine hitting your room and birds chirping everywhere around. Kohinoor Kaleido is a joyride and a dream come true for people who have a thing for beautiful and spacious apartments. Being the next-age residential complex, it brings you almost everything right at your fingertips.

  • Location: Kharadi, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 2,3 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 696 sq.ft. – 989 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. Unique Spaces K City: Welcome to K-City! 2 and 3 BHK houses project in Keshav nagar in the heart of the city. You can now enjoy the highest quality of life while enjoying seamless connectivity to some of the most prestigious places to work and play in Pune. Experience it only in K-City! When it comes to being awarded for being creative and diverse then K City brags the first price. Away from the busy hustles of city life, this is a place filled with greenery and a chance to live while connecting your soul with the ecosystem. You can have heavenly brilliant mornings here at K City while you enjoy the bliss of every moment right from waking up.

  • Location: Keshav Nagar, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 2,3 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 755 sq.ft. – 987 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. Nyati Elan: Located in the Wagholi side of Pune, it is a beautifully structured and well-furnished spacious property for those who are looking to shift. This project is being built with creativeness, passion, and a vision for eco-living in the future. Having an appealing living standard that will suit today’s lifestyle, it is perfect for those who are looking to have a modern touch to their apartments. There are several conveniences and even safety features to take care of residential owners.

  • Location: Wagholi, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 1,2 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 473 sq.ft. – 679 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. Shapoorji Vanaha: This is one of the most superior residential projects in Pune. Perfect for those who are looking to live luxuriously but also at a close budget. Bavdhan which is one of the residential towers has a modern portrayal with deluxe homes with a clamour of the city centre.

  • Location: Bavdhan, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 1, 2, 3, 4+ BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 508 sq.ft. – 2100 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. Kumar Prospera: This is an upscale residential project which is located at the heart of Pune. This project is currently lying over a 5-acre land and has an impressive view for residential owners to live life extravagantly. With the nearby passing and network of roads, it has an outstanding network of connectivity that makes it closely reachable.

  • Location: Hadapsar, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 2,3 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 813 sq. ft. – 1174 sq. ft.
  • Status: Under Construction
  1. Provident Kenvista: Provident Kenvista is a promising new residential project in Pune for 2022. Built with the latest housing technology, it is meant for everyone who is looking forward to living in safe and luxurious vicinity. There are renowned tech parks, reputed educational institutions, and a perfect life that can be woven.

  • Location: NIBM Kondhwa Link Rd, Pune
  • Unit Configurations: 2,3 BHK Apartment
  • Unit Sizes: 735 sq.ft. – 880 sq.ft.
  • Status: Under Construction

Impact of Builders on Pune Real Estate

Infrastructure Development: The constructors in Pune often invest in and contribute to the city's infrastructure. This includes road development, landscaping, and other civic amenities, which can positively impact the overall real estate ecosystem.

Diverse Housing Options: Pune's builders cater to a wide range of homebuyers by offering diverse housing options, including affordable apartments, mid-range homes, and luxury residences. This variety contributes to the city's inclusivity.

Economic Growth: Real estate development by constructor stimulates economic growth by creating job opportunities and attracting businesses to the region. This, in turn, contributes to Pune's economic prosperity.

Innovation in Design and Technology: Many constructors in Pune focus on incorporating innovative designs and sustainable technologies in their projects. This emphasis on modernity attracts buyers seeking contemporary living spaces.

Impact on Property Values: The reputation and track record of builders can significantly influence property values. Projects by well-known and reputable builders may command higher prices and experience faster appreciation.

Responsible Development: The pune realty constructors are increasingly adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices. This responsible development aligns with global trends and contributes to Pune's image as a city committed to green initiatives.

Affordability Initiatives: Some real estate builders actively participate in affordable housing initiatives, contributing to the government's vision of "Housing for All." This has a direct impact on addressing the housing needs of different income groups in Pune.

Overall Urban Development: The projects undertaken by builders contribute to the overall urban development of Pune. This includes the creation of smart cities, integrated townships, and mixed-use developments that enhance the quality of life for residents. Potential buyers and investors are advised to conduct thorough research, consider the reputation of builders, and stay updated on the latest developments in the Pune real estate sector.

Type of Projects in Pune City

Pune has witnessed significant infrastructural development along with the growth of the real estate sector. This growth was driven by a combination of several factors, including economic development, population growth, and the city's emergence as a center of information technology and education. The city seamlessly blends its rich cultural history with modern infrastructure and offers a variety of residential and commercial projects to its residents. With the entry of renowned developers and continuous growth, real estate in Pune is moving towards holistic living and modern workplaces. Pune city is home to a variety of real estate projects spread across different market sectors. These projects include residential, commercial and mixed-use projects and contribute to the dynamic real estate landscape of the city.

Residential Projects - Pune has seen a plethora of residential projects ranging from affordable housing to luxury condominiums, gated communities, and integrated townships.

Commercial and IT Parks - Pune is known for its IT and commercial hubs, such as Hinjewadi, Kharadi, and Magarpatta City, which house office spaces, tech parks, and business centers.

Township Developments - Integrated townships with a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces have gained popularity. These projects often offer a self-sustained lifestyle.

Affordable Housing Initiatives - Various affordable housing initiatives have been launched to address the housing needs of different income groups.

Luxury and Premium Segments - Pune has witnessed the development of upscale residential projects, catering to the luxury and premium segments.

Redevelopment Projects - With increasing urbanization, redevelopment projects have become common, involving the reconstruction of existing properties for better utilization of space.

Infrastructure and Smart City Projects- Pune has invested in infrastructure and smart city initiatives to enhance urban living, including road expansions, metro projects, and technology-driven solutions.

Mixed-Use Developments - Mixed-use developments combine residential, commercial, and retail components within the same project.

Pune has witnessed the emergence of several residential hubs and growing areas, driven by the city's economic development, increasing population, and improved infrastructure. These areas have become sought-after destinations for homebuyers and investors alike.

  • Hinjewadi - Hinjewadi is a major IT and business hub in Pune, housing numerous IT companies and tech parks. The proximity to workplaces has led to a surge in residential development. Hinjewadi offers a mix of housing options, from affordable apartments to luxury residences.
  • Wakad - Located in the western part of Pune, Wakad has witnessed rapid urbanization and commercial development. It is a popular choice for homebuyers due to its connectivity, proximity to IT parks, and the availability of schools, malls, and hospitals.
  • Kharadi - Kharadi has evolved into a prominent IT and business district with various commercial and residential developments. The area offers a range of residential projects, attracting IT professionals and young families. Its proximity to the airport adds to its attractiveness.
  • Baner - Baner is a suburb in the western part of Pune that has transformed into a residential and commercial hub. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Baner offers a mix of housing options, including apartments and row houses, along with good social infrastructure.
  • Undri - Undri is an upcoming residential locality in the southern part of Pune. It has seen significant real estate development with various housing projects catering to different segments of buyers. Undri offers a quieter living environment compared to some bustling urban areas.
  • Hadapsar - Hadapsar is an established industrial and residential locality in the eastern part of Pune. The area has witnessed the development of both affordable and premium residential projects. Its proximity to IT parks and industrial zones contributes to its growth.
  • Pimpri-Chinchwad - Pimpri-Chinchwad is a rapidly growing twin city located to the northwest of Pune. This area has seen extensive residential and commercial development. The presence of manufacturing units and IT companies has contributed to the demand for housing.
  • Kalyani Nagar and Koregaon Park - These areas, situated in the eastern part of Pune, are known for their upscale residential neighborhoods and commercial establishments. Catering to the premium segment, Kalyani Nagar and Koregaon Park offer high-end apartments, villas, and luxury amenities.
  • Hinjewadi Phase 2 and 3 - The expansion of Hinjewadi into Phase 2 and 3 has further increased the residential and commercial footprint in this region. These phases have witnessed the development of new residential projects to accommodate the growing demand from the IT workforce.

Investment opportunity in Pune City

Pune has been considered a promising city for real estate investment due to its economic growth, IT sector expansion, and overall development. Real estate investment opportunities in Pune vary across different segments, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. Keep in mind that market conditions may have changed since then, and it's advisable to conduct thorough research and seek up-to-date information before making investment decisions.

  • Residential Real Estate: Pune has witnessed a surge in affordable housing projects, catering to the middle-income and first-time homebuyer segments. Investing in such projects could tap into the growing demand for budget-friendly homes. Upscale residential projects in prime locations cater to the luxury market. Investing in high-end properties may offer potential returns, especially in areas with strong demand for premium housing.
  • Commercial Real Estate: Pune is a prominent IT hub, and investing in commercial properties in areas like Hinjewadi, Kharadi, and Magarpatta City can be lucrative. Demand for office spaces in these regions is consistently high. With the city's growing population and consumer base, investing in retail spaces in popular commercial districts can be a strategic move.
  • Mixed-Use Developments: Mixed-use developments combining residential, commercial, and recreational spaces are gaining popularity. Investing in well-planned townships may offer a diversified portfolio and attract a diverse range of tenants.
  • Student Housing & Studio Apartments: Pune is known for its educational institutions, attracting students from across the country. Investing in properties near colleges and universities for student housing can be a niche but potentially profitable opportunity.
  • Industrial and Warehousing: Pune's strategic location and industrial growth make it a hub for logistics and warehousing. Investing in industrial and logistics properties, especially in areas like Chakan and Talegaon, can align with the increasing demand for storage and distribution facilities.
  • Infrastructure-Driven Opportunities: Projects near upcoming metro lines or major road expansions may present opportunities for appreciation. Proximity to improved infrastructure can positively impact property values.
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): With the introduction of Real Estate Investment Trusts in India, investors can consider investing in Pune's commercial properties through REITs for diversification and liquidity benefits.
  • Smart City Initiatives: Pune's participation in smart city initiatives opens up opportunities for investing in technology-driven projects that contribute to urban development and modern living.
  • Redevelopment Projects: Areas undergoing redevelopment may offer opportunities for investment, especially if the transformation leads to improved infrastructure and amenities.
  • Government Policies and Incentives: Keeping track of government policies, incentives, and regulatory changes related to real estate can help investors make informed decisions and identify potential investment hotspots.